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Understanding changes in living and working environments for reducing health inequalities - PRIN PNRR 2022

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30/11/2023 - 29/11/2025
Ambra Poggi

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People in the European Union (EU) live, on average, longer and healthier lives than previous generations. However, while the average level of health has continued to improve, large inequalities in health persist both between and within EU Member States.

The Covid pandemic has increased inequality between social groups in health. Reducing health inequalities is a priority. Effective health promotion policies need to be implemented in places and social context (settings) in which people engage in daily activities in which environmental, organizational and personal factors interact to affect health and wellbeing.

The aim of this project is improving the understanding on how environmental, organizational and personal factors interact to affect individual health. We will focus on specific settings: workplaces, neighborhood, and home.

We will empirically investigate the changes in settings induced by the Covid pandemic and their impact on health inequality. Our empirical findings will be the starting point to propose policy recommendations.


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