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REFLEX 2020 - Reassessing the effects of labor market flexibility - PRIN 2017

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PRIN 2017
03/04/2019 - 28/10/2023
Pietro Garibaldi

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Most reforms in the recent years in Italy aim at facilitating entrance in the labour market and reduce the dual structure. However we still miss a comprehensive assessment of the effects of these reforms in the last ten years or so. Inevitably, a fully-fledged assessment requires considering the complex relationship between workers, firms and institutions. The research proposal REFLEX – Reassessing the Effects of Labour Market Flexibility - aims at partially filling this gap. The project aims at producing new and sound scientific evidence along three main themes: i) the effect of policies on worker mobility and firm dynamics; ii) the changing extent of firm-induced wage inequality, of worker-firm assortative matching, and of workers exposure to firm-level shocks in the era of labour market reforms; iii) the role of policy in facilitating entry and reducing rents.
The research planned will shed new light, and will help policy makers in drafting future reforms on various dimensions, including the regulation of hirings and firings, as well as the right amount of flexibility required for fixed and open ended employment. The results should also allow to better design various policies aimed at facilitating entry.

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